Google Pixel 2 passes through FCC

It’s been a while since we mentioned the Google Pixel 2. But news has just come through that it has gone through the FCC. Any phone that is sold in the USA has to be certified by this lot. And with it, we normally get some juicy information. This is no different. Details have come through about the version of OS that will be running on it, along with some other things too.


The Pixel 2 will be made by HTC, this we knew from leaks previously. Storage is listed as 50.66GB, which we assume will be a 64GB model as you’ll have the OS taking up some space. What else looks like to have been confirmed is the presence of the Snapdragon 835 processor. Also, something that has been leaked before online, is the presence of Active Edge, something that will have been taken from HTC’s Edge Sense. I’ve had a play with the U11, and the big thing I liked was the “Squeezable” sides. Great to see this coming to the Pixel 2. Lastly was the ┬áversion of the OS, this will be 8.0.1, this will be the initial release after the developer preview has ended.


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Source: 9to5Google, FCC