Allo for Web incoming (Now Live)

Update: Allo for Web is now live, check it out here and let us know what you think.


According to the lovely guys at Android Police, they have had a teardown of the new Google Allo app, version 16, and having looked into it, they reckon Allo for Web will be incoming any moment now, today in fact. They also have the latest version available to download via APK Mirror, you can sideload this and get the latest version ready for when the web version does hit. There is even a shortcut appearing in the navigation drawer for it too.

There are other tweaks to it, some strings have been introduced, but right now, the main thing is the Allo for Web, something that has been a long time coming, especially if you use other messaging clients. Here at Techspert Talks, we use Google Hangouts, something I myself feel, should have been developed further and could have been the iMessage of Android app we have all been waiting for. It had SMS, instant message, phone and video calling integrated into it. Why this wasn’t pushed initially I don’t know, Google need to trim, develop and push a single platform rather than the mess of the messaging apps they have at the moment. #rantover


Is Google Allo something you use? Are you looking forward to the web version? Let us know in the comments.