Star Trek – Bridge Crew. Should you dust off your PSVR and head into the final fronteer?

Star trek bridge commander is a tactical VR game where you play one of the 4 key star trek bridge positions either with AI or real life companions as you attempt to achieve mission objectives.

How long will it last you?

Depends, the main story mode is good for about 10hrs but there’s lots of extra fun to had using a random mission generator called “on going missions” this is particularly fun with real life companions rather than AI.

How’s the story?

The story is a little thin, to be honest, most of the missions involve the Klingons would have love to see a vaster array of races and mission types.

Hows the game-play?

This is a lot of fun when playing solo you can control every station using either your voice or move controller. When playing with friends, it’s amazing! Just the unorganised chaos of it all makes it a laugh a minute.

Should I buy it?

All comes down to if you’re a Star Trek fan. If you are then it’s a no brainer! If not then although you’ll get some fun out of it I’d look to wait for a good price.

I’m going to give it a “TRY IT” rating.