Nintendo Switch Arms Review: Punching your friends in the face with a springy arm!

ARMS is a fighting game where you use stretchy weaponised arms to punch, thump and knock-out opponents. It’s developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

How long will it last you?

Between 20 to 30 minutes per Grand Prix.

How’s the story?

Like most fighting games there is not actual story, but there is a Grand Prix. Which pits you the player vs 10 opponents in a series of bouts.

How’s the gameplay?

Arms in itself is fantastic. You choose a character, equip a variety of different Arms, and beat your opponent by you guessed it, punching them, repeatedly in the face, or arms. Each character has a grapple too.

Grand Prix – The single player 10 bout championship with a twist as there are a couple of different style of fights you can have:

  • 1vs1 – Just you and your arms vs your opponent and theirs.
  • Hoops – You literally have to dunk your opponent through a hoop
  • Target Practice: Using your arms you have to score the most points by smashing targets. (all the while punching you’re opponent to stop them hitting the same targets)
  • Volleyball – Smash the ball into your opponents floor to cause it to explode.

Up next is Verses, where you choose a character and go head to head, or 2 vs 2. Pretty self explanatory.
Online: Similar to the above.

Should I buy it?

This was difficult for me as it’s a great game with lots of promise and regular updates coming out, but there is something about Arms that’s a tiny bit disappointing, I just don’t see it being a full lasting experience, as after the first 10 or so fights it’s all very repetitive. That being said it’s definitely worth playing, so I rate it as Try It!