One Plus 5. An alternative

Yesterday I had the pleasure of traveling down to sunny London to spend some time with the guys from One Plus. In particular, David Sanmartin head of marketing from Europe, a guy with an infectious enthusiasm for his product and geeky knowledge that nearly matched my own. Something that’s a rarity in marketing!


Soooo what was the phone like? The attention to detail here is astounding, you can tell the phone is made with love on a much grander scale of elsewhere.  This phone packs the latest kit but somehow one plus manage to make us see past this as they tell a story of details and passion for the consumer.


One Plus has worked hard to make this phone look great, with small touches here and there to improve the overall design.  The device is far curvier than before with rounded edges and a more uniform color, the unsightly antenna lines are all but gone.


  • When the softkeys are off you can no longer see the led hole this has been colored to match the body.
  • Look in the earphone jack (Yes! it has one) this is also colored to match the body.

The phone now has something called the horizon line, its a line that flows around the body of the handset, everything above the line is in the light everything below is in the shade. Very difficult to explain in words but reflects light much like a car giving you a sleek understated beauty.


The one plus has a dual camera setup a 16mp wide angle lens and a 20mp telephoto lens. This gives you the ability to do a few unique things.


  • Quick focus, like us, having two eyes the dual camera focus’ that much quicker 40% quicker in fact.
  • Better zoom the telephoto lens helps us zoom to x2 without losing quality.
  • Large aperture means better low light photos.

Battery life

Although the one plus is only 7.25mm thin the battery is still a decent size (3300mah), this combined with the Snapdragon 835 processor,6/8 GB of ddr4x ram and fast 64/128GB UFS 2.1 2-LANE storage mean that this device is far more efficient than before. This coupled with tricks like optimizing apps you use all the time, and dash charge (get a day’s charge in half hr) means it’ll last you 20% longer than the previous.


I could talk about this phone all day but to be honest. The most impressive part of my trip was how enthusiastic the one plus team are, every person was proud to work for one plus and pull together to improve the product. Passion oozed from every nook and cranny and left me smiling all the way home.

My rating? BUY IT!