E3 Reviewed – How did Sony fare?

Sonys conference was different to most other E3 conferences.  They started by announcing various items in a preshow, getting out of the way some of the items they deemed less important for their mega packed hour show.


Knack 2 – 3/5 One for the casuals, seems to be a lot of love online for this?

GT Sport – 3/5 Standard racing game yawn.

Matterfall – 3/5

Supershot – 2/5

Undertale – 2/5

Main Event

Uncharted; Lost Legacy – 5/5 boom! That’s a way to start a conference, Naughty Dog does it again with a very different tone yet similar game.

Horizon Zero Dawn; Frozen Wilds – You could argue Horizon is game of the year so far this looks to continue that trend 5/5

Days gone – I’m officially done with Zombies but this still looked impressive, looks like Sons of Anarchy mixed with walking dead 4/5

Monster Hunter world – Apparently has a big cult following but didn’t inspire me tbh 3/5

Shadow of the Colossus remake – A big anticipated remake, amazing boss battles galore. 4/5

Marvel vs Capcom – Hmm, not my cup of tea 2/5 (Demo available now)

COD WW2 – Your standard yearly COD game, 3/5 for me but may ramp up closer to release.

VR Section

Nice to see Sony is not forgetting about VR, let us hope this continues.

Skyrim VR – Big Skyrim fan but think this is a bit late to make me play it all over again. 3/5

Starchild – 2/5

Final Fantasy; Monsters of the deep – Meh didn’t enjoy the fishing in the game 2/5

Moss – 2/5

The inpatient – Now this looked good, the standard make Mitchell cry scare fest.  4/5

Back to Non-Vr

God of War – Once again this looks amazing, cannot tire of seeing this game.Similar enough to originals to garner nostalgia but still different enough to be fresh and exciting 5/5

Detroit become human – Not sure on this, the game feels quite passive but I loved heavy rain. 3/5

Destiny 2 – I’m so hyped for this game, I loved Destiny and I’ll love this. 5/5

Spiderman – Finally a good Marvel game? Maybe just maybe. Combat seemed like a fast Arkham really liked it but that nagging feeling of being let down in the past won’t go away.

Overall the conference was good, it was thick and fast with no explanations or waffle which was refreshing but I’d have liked a few explanations for the more obscure titles. Also lacked big surprises but I guess Sony will save them for PlayStation experience in December.