#XboxE3 – What did we get?

So the keynote has just happened. And boy, did we get a plethora of new things. Here is just a taste of what we have coming up on Xbox over the next 12 months.

Xbox One X (Project Scorpio)

This was the big announcement. After so long, and many leaks and teases, we can now confirm that it is coming on November 7th 2017 in a worldwide rollout. Priced at $499, this looks like it will be the holiday gift of the year. The most powerful console ever built, and the smallest Xbox ever, shows the engineering feats they have accomplished. Dolby Atmos is supported for rich sound, along with HDR and a wide colour gamut for crisp, bright and vivid graphics. This will surely put a dent into the Playstation.


You will have seen that we did an anticipation rating for games that were announced. Now Xbox announced so many games, it was untrue. I tried to keep up, and here is what I got. So without further delay, here is the list:

Exclusive – Forza 7 – Anticipation 4/5
Running at native 4K 60fps
Dynamic weather, puddles grow, dark skies appear as sun goes behind clouds.
Parts of the car vibrate as you drive along.

Metro Exodus – Anticipation 4/5
Looks to be a cross between other games, Bioshock heavy influence

Assassins Creed Origins – Anticipation 4/5
Based in Egypt, the beginning of the Brotherhood. Biek, protector of his community. 4K UHD & HDR. Gameplay shown was in Siwa. Shadows looked very good. Eagle is companion. Classic Assassins creed.

Exclusive – Player Unknowns Battlegrounds – Anticipation 4/5
3 million PC players – Exclusive to Xbox. Battle to be last man standing. Cross person shooter.

Exclusive – Deep Rock Galactic – Anticipation 2/5
Shooter, bit comedic with the voice actic

Exclusive – State of Decay 2 – Anticipation 3/5
Zombie apocalypse game, team based it looks like. Very walking dead style.

Exclusive – The Darwin Project – Anticipation 3/5
Xbox One X Launch – Multiplayer title, shooter with different characters and styles.

Minecraft multiplayer being united. Being updated to 4K later this year. New look coming this fall with the super duper pack.

New games available for pre-order straight away.

Dragonball Fighter Z – Anticipation 2/5
Fighting game like tekken and street fighter

Exclusive – Black Desert – Anticipation 2/5
Japanese MMORPG, Action battles galore. Massive monsters.

Exclusive – The last light – Anticipation ?
Looks like a cross between 90’s and now graphics

Exclusive – The Artful Escape – Anticipation ?
Chap with guitar riding on a bird? Feeling very 70’s

CodeVein – Anticipation ?
RPG, not much else to be seen.

Exclusive – Sea of Thieves – Anticipation 4/5
Extended look. Voice over is fun. Massive multiplayer. Graphics are great, colourful and very cartoon-y.

Exclusive – Tacoma – Anticipation ?

Exclusive – Super Lucky’s Tale – Anticipation 1/5
Fox main character, aimed at younger generation. Platformer. Not really bringing anything new from the trailer.

Exclusive – Cuphead – Anticipation ?
Made in the style of really old cartoons

Exclusive – Crackdown 3 – Anticipation 4/5
Terry Crews starring. Classic crackdown fun, brought to the new generation.

Unruly Heroes
Path Exile
Suriving Mars
Fable Fortune
Robocraft Inifinity
Dunk Lords
Minion Masters
Dark and Light
Strange Brigade
Hello Neighbour
Conan Exiles

Exclusive – Ashen – Anticipation 3/5
Giant spiders, flying monsters, graphic style like nothing seen before.

Life is Strange – Before The Storm – Anticipation 3/5
Following rachel through her story.

Middle Earth – Shadow Of War – Anticipation 3/5

Exclusive – Ori and the will of the wisps – Anticipation 3/5
Graphically very good, intense. Music special

Some games didn’t show a lot, which is why they got no rating. Hard to tell what it is going to be like without showing a lot. This post will be updated once trailers are available so you can see for yourself.

I cannot wait for the new Xbox One X to come out. We should see some great love for it and a cracking library. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and what you can’t wait for too.