E3 Reviewed – EA

Ea’s conference was better than recent years, EA has a habit of waffling and making you shout “show me the games” at them but this year was far better organised and really felt EA have turned the corner on listening to consumer feedback and acting upon it.

What did they show (Complete with my personal “anticipation rating”):

Madden – American Football.  –  Anticipation Rating 2/5

Updated campaign mode, combined with the usual annual update.


Battlefield 1 – Name of the Zsar 3/5

DLC update for the somewhat forgotten about franchise. Hopefully will get them back on track here.


Fifa 18 – 3/5

Yearly update to FIFA continuing on their vastly improved story mode from last year.


Need for speed payback – 4/5

A new need for speed game! Feels like a love child of the need for speed hot pursuit game and the fast and furious franchise. Very cinematic and one to watch.


A Way Out. – Brand new IP – 4/5

Prison break the game? Looks a lot of fun in a two player co-op


Anthem – A second new IP 4/5

Feels like a real mash of game types, I feel destiny influences and maybe a bit of titanfall and a drop of evolve. Made by BioWare (the guys that did mass effect) so expect an engaging story too.


NBA live 18 – 2/5

NBA at EA gets trounced by 2k sports franchise pretty much every year. EA are fighting back with a new mode called “the one” only time will see if this is the one to buy for basketball fans this year.

Starwars; Battlefront 2 DLC – 5/5

A massive welcome update makes this a must have for star wars fans. Most of the DLC is scheduled to be free so if you have been interested in this game it makes it that bit more tempting.


And that was EA’s conference. Keep an eye on techsperttalks.com for all the e3 details.