The Trip to HTC

Last Friday was our trip to HTC to get our preview of the upcoming HTC U11. After going through the pictures, chatting about it and doing our normal day jobs, we have finally got round to actually sorting everything out. Firstly we would like to thank HTC for inviting us there, it was such a great day and we had a lot of fun. We got chance to play with the HTC Vive too, and yes, Mitch had a little scream =D. So below, we have our images from the day, hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we had fun being there.

First up is the camera comparison between 3 different handsets. Which one do you think is best?

Next up is the pictures from our play date with the HTC Vive, now this was a lot of fun. We tried out Rick & Morty, a tennis game, John Wick experience amongst others.

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Videos will be uploaded soon along with our audio podcast very soon. Please keep an eye out for those. As always, let us know what you thought of our visit in the comments.