Google Opinion Rewards!

Everyone loves free stuff right? I know we at TechspertTalks do. For a while now Google have offered users the chance to earn Play Store credit by simply completing a short survey based on your location. Each survey you complete rewards you with various amounts of play store credit up to £2.31 (depending on length and type of survey, most surveys I’ve completed have been between £0.08 and £0.40).

It was initially launched in the US, UK, Australia and Germany, and since then has hit Brazil, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain. But once again Google are expanding its reach. It’s now available in India, Singapore and Turkey.

It’s nice to see Google expanding their borders to more countries giving more people the chance to earn Play Store credit.

You can get Google Opinion Rewards here.

Stay tuned for a special update from us coming soon!