Ghost Recon -Wildlands Review



Ghost recon is a military shooter from Ubisoft, it can be played gung-ho but you’re often punished for this as its designed to be a little more stealthy.

How long will it last you?

Ghost recon gives you a good bang for your buck, clocking in about 50hrs with side missions. Even if you only do main missions it will still last you about 24hr.

How’s the story?

Ghost recon has a decent story. Set in bolivia a drug cartel has set up shop and controls the whole country your mission is to disrupt the cartel’s operations on the down-low often leaving the cartel thinking that the local militia is to blame.

Hows the game-play?

Gameplay is solid, although repetitive once you have experienced each of the mechanics a few time the game rapidly becomes samey especially when playing alone. Playing with friends makes the game somewhat better as the banter and the communication needed helps tremendously.

Should I buy it?


So we have given it the “try it” rating, if you can find it pre-owned or at a relatively low price then do so especially if you have friends who have it also. At full price? You’re probably just best waiting.