The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is action-adventure game, developed and published by Nintendo. In the 18th iteration of the Zelda series, you once again play as Link, to help him save the princess and defeat Ganon. All the while exploring, solving puzzles and occasionally talking to flying dragons. 

How long will it last you?

For my play through it’s lasted me about 45 hours to complete the main story, i’m currently in the middle of completing the side quests and exploring various areas, so based on the progress I’m making if you’re looking to complete all the side quests, and find every secret I can see the game lasting well over 70 hours.

Hows the story?

Your adventure takes you all over Hyrule. From the aquatic domain of the Zora, to the hotter climates of the Gorons. It’s once again upto you to defeat the evil Calamity Ganon. Whilst you explore Hyrule you come across lots of shrines where the goal is to quite simply beat the puzzle to conquer the shrine. On your adventure to conquer the 4 Divine Beasts, and save the princess, you meet and befriend different races who help you restore the balance. Your journey across the land gives you access to various methods of transport from rafts, to horses to sand seals and even a paraglider, who doesn’t like falling in style. Using your Sheikah Slate you unlock runes that give you certain abilities like Stasis (Freezes objects in place for a short time) Magnesis (Lifts metal objects) and of course the classic Bombs (do you really need an explanation?) There’s even a camera in there too. (lots of selfies, no seriously, you can take lots of selfies)

Hows the game-play?

Combat seems fluid and fun especially with the transition from Melee to Ranged. One downside to this game which isn’t really game breaking, it’s more frustrating and that’s weapon durability. It seems that your weapons break just by looking at an enemy, whilst it adds to the game-play, it also subtracts from it, you become to scared to use your favourite weapons because you don’t want them to break. The puzzles are fun and certainly add to the whole experience. You can even buy a house (I think that’s best done after you’ve saved the world where you want to become an adult, get a mortgage and live adventure free for the rest of your life)

Should I buy it?

Most definitely. It’s a fantastic game with lot’s to do, plenty to discover, and even more to enjoy. Breath of the Wild will appeal to die-hard Zelda fans as well as casual gamers who just want to enjoy and adventure.

We give The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the “buy it” rating. So what are you waiting for get out there and save Hyrule!

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