DayZ: The end of Alpha?

Yes the title is correct. DayZ the standalone multiplayer, open world survival game based on the Arma II and Arma II: Operation Arrowhead mod of the same name. Is finally coming out of Alpha!

The standalone version has been in alpha for 4 years, but as of update 0.63 it will no longer be in its alpha stages as it moves onto its next phase as a beta release.

I’ve had countless hours of playing the original mod (not as much can be said for the standalone game) due to its content (or rather lack of it at the time of playing). But I’m hoping that all changes with the 0.63 update coming at an unspecified date.

However it needs to be said that before the 0.63 update can go live though Bohemia need to release the final Alpha update (version 0.62), unfortunately only a small team are working are on 0.62,  due to most of the team are getting 0.63 ready. It’s been a long 4 years in Alpha and it’s a game I would love to get back into and carry on where I left off.

It’s unsure at the moment what changes 0.63 will bring to DayZ Standalone, but it’s a nice feeling knowing a game I once played and spent countless hours on, is still being updated and developed into something. Here’s hoping that the 1.0 update is on its way.

Tune in for more PC Corner soon!