Creators Update: My Review!

Well I’ve had the latest Windows 10 update for 4 days now, and this is my review!

So after I installed the update and restarted my PC, I was graced with Cortana who lead me through the rest of the setup, and welcomed me back to my desktop. Upon initial inspection nothing changed. Everything was how I like it. Very minimal. One thing I want to mention which I found interesting was after the initial install had completed I was greeted with the Privacy Settings menu. (Which I of course turned off EVERYTHING) Some of the questions asked include:

  • Location – Did I want to allow Microsoft to “recommend” me things based on where I was? (No, no I did not)
  • Tailored Experience with diagnostic Data – This would effectively allow Microsoft to know what you’re doing, from web surfing, which windows features you’re using and even monitor your keystrokes (I’m good thanks Microsoft!)
  • Relevant Adds: Again this works had in hand with the above as it allows Microsoft to give you adverts based on what you’re doing or where you are. (I mean come on why don’t you just announce you’re going to start spying on your users Microsoft… Oh wait!)

After I’d gotten over the sheer cheek of them asking about if I’d let them spy on me or not, I chose to dig a little deeper into some of the features.

Paint 3D!

This is a more modern approach to the classic Paint software. It’s been updated with a new look, and feel. Paint 3D allows you to not only make 2D masterpieces but also 3D models which you can view from every angle. Apply new realistic textures to your creations, use textures such as hardwood or soft grass, choose a lighting option to set the mood.

In addition to drawing pretty things or playing with the 3D tools, you also get access to the new, which is a creative community where you can share your own designs. Here’s one I made earlier.

Gaming Section!

Up first you’ll notice a new menu in Settings. Start>Settings>Gaming this is where you’ll find the good bits! From Streaming / Recording games at the push of a button to setting up the new Game Mode. (Something that’s designed to make gaming more consistent and a better experience on windows 10)

Included in the update is Beam game broadcasting, which let’s you stream your video games to sites such as Twitch or YouTube without the use of additional software.

This is a nice and easy way for new PC gamers to start uploading / recording / streaming videos at pretty much the click of a button *

The newly added Game bar is designed to help your gaming experiences run smoothly.

Currently here are over 80 games which support Game bar in full screen mode, ‘That List’ <- can be found here.


Now this is something I had no idea about as I’m a Chrome user (and I don’t use Edge nor will this update change that, I’m set in my ways, Chrome 4 ever!)

But Edge get’s a slight overhaul in this update and it allows you to do some of the following:

  • Tab preview bar –  this allows you to easily glance at a visual preview of every tab you have open.
  • Import Favourites – I mean this is a pretty basic option it should have been there from the beginning. It essentially let’s you bring over all of your bookmarks from your favourite browser.
  • Jump List – This is again another feature which should have been implemented in the beginning. This lets you open a new windows or activate InPrivate mode.

So with the above its something that doesn’t appeal to me as I’ve been able to do all of that and more with Google Chrome. Edge needs to bring something special to the table to stop being “just another browser” to be able to compete with the Chrome’s and Firefox’s of this world.


Cortana has received a bit of an update with the addition of being able to control music playback on more of your favourite music apps (EN-US only) A full screen version of “Hey Cortana” that has been optimised for viewing from afar.

Windows security has had a bit of an overhaul and a redesign as well. I can’t say much on this as I’ve got my own software I use instead of it, but from what I’ve seen Windows Defender has been given a single dashboard display so you don’t have to mess around with multiple windows or tabs anymore.

Windows Hello can be paired with any iPhone, Android or Windows phone to detect when you step away from your PC and automatically lock it.

So there you have my review and impressions of Windows 10: Creators Update!


*  Whilst this is a great tool for beginners to stream games, it doesn’t give as much freedom compared to proprietary software to stream or record games and is somewhat limited as to what you can and can’t control.