Windows 10: Creators Update!

As of right now Microsoft are rolling out their Creators Update to Windows 10 users. The actual Creators Update brings a whole host of new features. This could mean you’re wanting to get your hands on it. However, Microsoft are warning users not to install the Windows 10 Creators Update manually.

Microsoft knows that with new updates some users will experience issues when installing the update. With a phased roll-out however, they are able to identify those issues as and when they arise, and block the affected users from installing the update until the issue has been resolved.

When you complete a manual update it negates certain checks that your O/S does to make sure your system is safe to have the installed updates on it. As such Microsoft have published a blog post recommending that you don’t install it manually and simply wait until it’s your turn!

The best advise we at Techsperttalks can give you is to simply listen to Microsoft (for the time being)

I am however curious about the update and got my notification it was ready to install at the time of writing this (ironic hey) so I’ll update my PC and write another piece about the update soon!