5 Best and Worst games!

As the title suggests this is my official Top 5 and Bottom 5 PC Games.

Up first I have some honourable mentions.

  • Payday 2 (Not good enough to hit Best 5, but also not bad enough for Worst 5)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (Due to it being a remaster of a phenomenal game, I couldn’t justify this as Best 5 material)
  • Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator (This is as fun as it is absurd. Hilarity ensues every time I play this. But It’s not fleshed out enough in my opinion)
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2016 Remaster) (I had hoped I’d play this again on PC, and It finally came true. I was dismayed when it released with so many issues it was near unplayable, I wanted to cry, I wanted to forget the game existed, but I persisted and have since played it and reminisced about the countless hours I spent when it first came out. They fixed every issue and now it’s a trip down memory lane for me.)
  • Cube World (This was going to be amazing, but the developed messed it up, not bad enough to hit Bottom 5, but it’s a close 6)
  • World of Warcraft (enough said)

Up first we have Worst 5.

Coming in at No. 5:

  • Battlefield: Hardline
    • This shouldn’t have been released as a full game. Whilst it looks really good, it was just another way for EA to push Battlefield 4’s limelight a little longer than it should. Whilst I’ve had countless hours of fun on 4, Hardline is just that. It’s a re-skinned Battlefield 4, where it changed from Special Forces vs Terrorists to Cops vs Robbers. It could have been so much more, they should have released it as £15 expansion back to 4, it would have worked so much better.

No. 4:

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    • The last CoD game I personally played properly (Spent a considerable amount of time on one) since Black Ops 1. But I gave this ago and was disappointed with it. It looked pretty, but it’s game play was sub-par. My main issue with it though was the lack of online connectivity. E.g. If you bought it on Steam, you could only play it on Steam, if you were unfortunate enough to get it from the Windows Store: You couldn’t play with anyone as not many people bought it. Microsoft had to give refunds because it didn’t meet the criteria.


  • Titanfall
    • This was B******t. After I spent a stupid amount of money on it (£49.99) It became quite apparent how dire it was. The premise was awesome, in fact I played the beta and loved it. But the game just didn’t feel well thought out or even a proper game. The fact at first It lacked a proper story mode. The combat was incredibly similar without any actual structure to it. Won’t be making that mistake again.

No 2:

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines:
    • This was shambolic. Too many bugs, an horrendously poor A.I. Unbalanced gameplay, low quality graphics and a poorly integrated co-op mode. This was by far one of the worst games I’ve played. (Not the worst I might add) It had some much potential, but somehow it was utter rubbish.

(At this point I should point out I actually do enjoy FPS games, it’s just that the 4 above were unfortunate enough to be on ‘The List‘)

No 1:

  • No Man’s Sky
    • This spot is well deserved. No Man’s Sky had huge expectations and was overly hyped. Upon it’s released it became apparent that it was unable to deliver the standard of gameplay it had promised. The ideas were amazing, something that could have been a hit, but unfortunately with the gameplay being sub par, and a stupendous amount of bugs, has labelled this as my Number 1 worst game.

We’ve got the bad out-of-the-way. Time to get down to my 5 Best games!


  • Minecraft
    • This was always going to be in my top 5 games. Purely based on the amount of hours of fun I’ve had with it. It’s one game I always go back to and mess around, or start new survival games. I’ve had laughs, I’ve had tears, I’ve gotten angry over it. Minecraft is the one game where you play it alone it’s good, you play it with your friends and it’s an amazing experience you’ll find it difficult to beat.


  • Space Engineers
    • Love it. Hate it. Can’t decide about it. It’s had it’s downsides (bugs, game play, server issues) but it’s had a lot more upsides (sandbox building, huge space stations, ship on ship combat) It’s one that’s better played with friends as you’ll know when you accidentally lose the roof of your ship and you need a friend to attach and fly it back to you (true story) An immense game with so much to offer.

No. 3:

  • The Witcher 3
    • Incredible. I can’t really describe it as anything other than incredible. If you’ve not played it, Stop what you’re doing, go out and buy it, like right now, and then you can thank me later!


  • Ark: Survival Evolved
    • Dinosaurs, Building, Dinosaurs, Open World, have I mentioned dinosaurs yet? This game has been insane. From its early builds to where it is now it’s been a journey I’ll never regret. For me it’s frustratingly fun. Too many hours spent dying or losing my way, running around being chased by a T-Rex because we’re not equipped to deal with it yet, coming back later once we’re geared up and taming that T-Rex. There is no other game that has made me want to punch my monitor worse than Ark has.

And Finally No.1:

  • Rocket League
    • After playing this for hours at a time, it’s frustrating to say the least, but it’s a game I’ve never regretted buying. From entering a tournament at I58 last year, to playing countless games with my friends. It’s well worth picking up. Even if you don’t like sports.

So there you have it my Best and Worst games. Stay tuned for more PC Corner reviews soon!