PC Building Simulator Review

If you remember from our last Podcast the most mentioned and most wanted to play game was of course PC Building Simulator and this is our review of it. So PC Building Simulator is both a simulator building game, but also a handy guide into how to build a PC. Originally released as a technical demo which has been picked up by Indie Developer The Irregular Corporation.

How long will it last you?

If you’re completely new to PC building, then it will take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. If you’ve been building PC’s for a while then it will take anywhere between 60 seconds to 3 minutes (my fastest time was 1:55)

Hows the story?

At the moment there is no story mode. This however could change now it’s been picked up by The Irregular Corporation.

Hows the game-play?

The main game play in PC Building Simulator is to take various parts and assemble a computer. Installing every part you’d need. Starting with the risers, then the motherboard, then PSU, CPU, GPU, Ram, HDD, Fans and cables. You assemble and preview your build using a variety of parts mentioned above with more being added later on.

Should I buy it?

We give this a Try it, whilst it’s a great teaching aide and could help new builders learn the basics, it’s not fleshed out enough with content.  


Buy it – Buy this now

Try it – It may be for you but its not amazing.

Goodbye it – Don’t bother