Horizon Zero Dawn Review


Horizon Zero dawn is a new IP (Intellectual property; means original game) from the guys who made Killzone (gorilla games) set in the future you play Aloy, a “brave” in a tribe with strong Nordic influences.

How long will it last you?

Horizon lasted 50hrs on my play through doing all side missions but not all collectables, which gives you a decent 0.75p per hour of gameplay.

Hows the story?

The story is great here, it’s well fleshed out and told in a variety of manners. You gain vital information via the usual cut-scene, by talking to NPC’s (none player characters)  and via interacting with video holograms and audio books. The story is a pleasure to behold as you learn what happened to the planet and the people that came before Aloy and try to overcome the bandits, robot dinosaurs and an evil AI. This is added to by the graphical fidelity which really helps your suspension of disbelief, this is one of the most gorgeous games I’ve seen in a long time.

Hows the game-play?

The game play here is on the money, it’s tactical yet easy to pick up and play. You can stealth a lot if that’s you thing. Also, run and gun if you good enough. I did my play through on hard mode which was hard enough to be challenging but not too hard as to make you rage quit.

Should I buy it?

We give this a “Buy it” rating – This currently is joint top with Uncharted as the best games of this generation, the story and game play are amazing and the game looks drop-dead gorgeous. If you own a PS4 get your cash out and buy it!



Buy it – Buy this now

Try it – It may be for you but its not amazing.

Goodbye it – Don’t bother