Updated “My Apps & Games” Section on Play Store

If you remember seeing my video on Android O, you will remember seeing that there was an updated version of the Google Play Store. Well, it seems that it is now rolling out to everyone. So what do you need to do if you haven’t got it? Follow these steps below;

  1. Go to settings on your device
  2. Go to Application Manager (It’ll be something similar like Applications if it isn’t manager)
  3. Find Google Play Store and select that.
  4. Go to the Storage section
  5. Clear the Cache and Data
  6. Force Stop the app, a warning will appear and it is fine to do
  7. Re-open Google Play Store
  8. Check to see if you have the new version by going into My Apps & Games
  9. If not, wait a few minutes, and if still hasn’t happened, reboot device.

For a visual reminder, screenshots of what it should be like are below.

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If you have the new My Apps & Games section, let us know your thoughts, is this how you want it now? Anything that can be improved? Drop us a comment or send us a Tweet/Facebook Message