Prisoners for PC’s!

Normally we’re hot on the heels on the best and latest tech, this time it’s something a little different. Something which actually made me smile somewhat.

Picture this: You’ve been arrested for some sort of crime. You’re in prison so you have very little outside interaction with Steam, games consoles, PC’s or the Internet. In your down time of re-evaluating your life choices.  Instead of being the good inmate and focusing on your rehabilitation, you decide you’re going to build an entire network array of PC’s (a slight exaggeration here as there were 2) But this is what happened when 2 inmates at Ohio’s Marion Correctional Facility, were given the job of dismantling PC’s as part of a prison work program.

The 2 inmates decided to use the parts they “were” supposed to be recycling to assemble working PC’s and hid them in the ceiling.

The prison IT Staff only discovered the PC’s after an excessive and suspicious amount of web activity was coming from a prison contractors account, which just so happened to be said contractors day off. When the IT staff found the PC’s they found adult orientated material, as well as plans for making drugs, explosives and credit cards.

The user in question attempted to access file sharing sites, which were blocked by the prisons proxy, which then led to them spending the next 3 hours trying to find sites that would circumvent the proxy, and internet policies.

I would like to the think that the inmates we’re meaning to have a massive LAN tournament, but instead got caught up in the dodgy stuff when they realised it couldn’t run Doom, Quake or Unreal Tournament.

Credit to the BBC for the article.

As always stay tuned!