Android Distribution Numbers – March

Google have released the Android Platform Version results for last month, and despite Nougat being released late last year, it still commands less than 5% of devices. This is something that Google needs to get sorted out, and quickly. We already have access to the Android O Preview and it won’t be much longer before that comes out. So will Nougat suddenly increase? I will say yes as the current crop of flagship handsets coming out will be running Nougat, but how long will it be before those get updated?


For me, Google has to do one of two things. One option should be to have every device running stock Android, and then allow OEMs to skin the devices during the setup of the device, this will give the user an option to either have the OEM’s version of Android or the stock version. At least then the OEM’s apps can be installed/updated via the Play Store. Option two would be to release the next version of Android that little bit later so that when the Flagships get released (usually spring/summer) they then will be on the correct version instead of being one behind.


The numbers are below, but let us know what you think about these in the comments, and do you have any ideas on how Google can battle the fragmentation?


android platform march 17