Apple Patch Day!

Apple today have released some updates. Not one, not two but FOUR, yes you heard me FOUR updates for various devices, they are as follows:

  • iOS 10.3 
    • iOS 10.3 brings some new features all to do with AirPods, including the ability to Find my AirPods, which includes being able to see them on a map if they’re connected to an iOS device, or giving you the ability to play an alarm if you’ve lost them. This could be especially useful if you’ve lost them below some magazines or something.
    • In addition to Find my AirPods, Apple are rethinking ratings in the App Store, and giving developers the ability to reply. iOS 10.3 are adding a couple of new features for Siri such as cricket scored. Amongst various other improvements such as thread view in mail and dynamic app icons.
    • And finally for iOS 10.3 Apple are secretly updating all iOS devices to APFS (AppleFileSystem) Whilst this won’t have any visible changes for the end user, it is a major change is it’s new file system has been designed from the beginning to work with mobile and always-on devices with flash storage.
  • watchOS 3.2
    • This update brings a long awaited feature to Siri which lets you use it with third-part apps. For example using Whatsapp to call someone directly from your Apple Watch. With the addition of watchOS 3.2 user will also get a new Theatre Mode button.
  • macOS
    • For mac OS Apple are bringing in Night Shift, which when used favours in warmer colours and night, this should allegedly improve your sleep. It also incorporates real time collaboration in iWork on macOS and iOS
  • tvOS 10.2
    • The only addition to tvOS is the ability to rent a movie on any Apple device and watch it on another such as Apple TV.

If you’re planning on updating any of you Apple devices, it’s always best to make sure you back them up to iCloud or your computer before updating. This is highly recommended if you’re planning on updating your iOS device as the new file system is a huge change.

Updates are normally available in the settings menu, if you’re not prompted automatically then you’ll find the options available there.