Android O Dev Preview – Initial Thoughts

Hi guys,

So today I went and flashed the Android O preview to my Google Pixel C tablet, and I have to say, for an “Alpha” it is surprisingly well made. A few bugs here and there, which is to be expected, but I have to say, I am impressed. Things have changed quite a bit, and I have included screenshots below. First though, I have done a video overview. You can actually see what has changed and have a guide around it.




As you can see, the settings has changed, not just the menu, but the actual theme of it too. I quite like the new colour scheme, it is a lot easier on the eye and for me, easier to navigate. When you get into the settings deeper, you will see it laid out in an easier to understand fashion.

Google Play Store

In the screenshots above we have the new My Apps & Games area, and heck, this is so much better. There is an option for sorting by different criteria in the installed section, the library now filters out apps that are already installed too, and one screenshot that isn’t there, the updates section actually show you how big the update is.


I will be playing around with Android O over the next few days, getting to grips with it, seeing what is new and what has been improved. As I said previously, this is a great first iteration.

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