Samsung Bixby. An assistant to rule them all or one too many?



So today Samsung continued their month-long campaign to whip up a frenzy for S8 launch.

They announced the latest in a long line of personal assistants, Apple have Siri, Amazon have Alexa and windows have Cortana. Samsung have gone against the grain where using googles own one (just called google assistant) was an option (ala the forthcoming G6 )to create their own… enter Bixby.

Where samsung’s rhetoric differs from the others, is it seems to imply Bixby can complete any task you use the touchscreen for. So you can say Bixby send that whats app you’ve just written if its more convenient. Seamlessly switch between touch and voice modes.Samsung also claim Bixby can understand incomplete phrases so no more remembering the exact voice command.

Is it any good? Be sure to join us on the post unpacked podcast to find out.