Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumoured Price + Colours

So the Samsung Galaxy S8 is all but announced with the amount of leaks that are going on, but our favourite leaker, @evleaks, is at it again. He has put out there the colours and prices of the new Galaxy S8.

And as you can see the price for the S8 will be 799€ (around £700) and the S8+ will be 899€ (around £780). These are more expensive than when the previous generation came out, and considering the spec of the handsets, is this any surprise?

As for the colours the tweet is below

And as you can see with the colours, there are a total of 3. Now I still don’t understand why they give them odd names, why can’t it be black, grey and silver. Keep it simple please Samsung!

What do you make of these leaks? Will you be buying one? Let us know your thoughts below!