Super Mario Run

It is finally happening!

After months of it being an IOS exclusive. And with the release of Version 2.0.0 it’s coming to Android on the 23rd March 2017.

In Super Mario Run, your Italian plumber can’t stop. He constantly keeps running, it’s up to you to time your taps perfectly, as each tap you miss-time will make Mario behave differently. If you want to gather all the coins to get a perfect score then timing is crucial!

If you love Mario, Nintendo or gaming on your mobile then you can pre-register for Super Mario Run today:

Of if you’ve got an iPhone then you can play it already by downloading it from here:


I should point out that whilst the first three levels are free, you do have to purchase the game to unlock everything. But for £8 it’s worth it for a slice of Goomba stomping, block smashing, coin collecting nostalgia!