Samsung Unpacked 2017


Later on this month we have the Samsung Unpacked event on the 29th March 2017. And to add to the impending announcement Samsung have released a new app entitled: Unpacked 2017.

This app itself is a countdown to the event, but after a few minutes playing around and exploring it, there appears to be more to it. You can register for the live event itself, but also hidden in the menu is a  greyed out “Live Streaming” option. Which would mean anyone interested is able to watch the whole event from their phone. It’s available on both Android and IOS. Also on the app itself there are a couple of videos, one of which is down below!

I for one am excited for this announcement. mainly because I’m a massive Samsung fanboy, and can’t actually wait until I get my hands on their next phone. Shortly after Samsung Unpacked the Techspert Talks team will of course be releasing our 3rd Podcast. So look out for that!

Samsung: This is a phone.

If you want to download the app you can do so from the following places:



Stay tuned for more blog posts / podcasts and more, coming soon…