Welcome to Techspert Talks

Hi there,

My name is James, co-founder of Techspert Talks. You are probably wondering why are you here, there are plenty of other news sites out there. Well, we wanted to have a crack at it. My team are tech enthusiasts and it is in our blood. We live and breath tech. I myself am an Android fan, along with Xbox and a love of sports, so those are the kind of things you will see from me. I will have my contact details below or you can find them on the About Us page. This is very early doors for us, so feedback is appreciated.

We also have our logo, made by our very own Mitch. What do you guys think? Let us know below or by tweeting us @techsperttalks.

Hopefully you will see loads by us, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it, listening to our podcasts, and generally getting involved with us.

If you want to contact myself, is james(dot)graham(at)techsperttalks(dot)com or you can follow and tweet me @jimworksuk